Five Themes of Geography Jigsaw Activity – EdTech 502

The other artifact I chose the 5 Themes of Geography Jigsaw activity created in EdTech 502.  Students needed to learn the basics of geography and this lesson, which would be completed online, was a great way to do it.  They were instructed to work in groups, with each member researching just one of the five themes.  One of the most frustrating things for teachers that have the guts to take their students into the school’s computer lab is when class time is wasted by inefficient searching.  This ‘technology generation’ of students can be really bad at using the web for educational purposes.  By using the jigsaw format and a custom built webpage I was able to avoid much of the time that normally would have been wasted in poor research efforts.  Sites with relevant information were found in advance and organized by theme so that students knew very quickly where to go for help finding their specific resources.  Besides using the web page as an organizer for the sites, I also put assignment instructions, and even some tips on group work dynamics.  By planning for how both students and teachers could interact with the content of this lesson I showed mastery of this standard.

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