Learning Theories Research Paper – EdTech 504

My EdTech 504 Learning Research Paper is about how I acquire knowledge about the learning theories that can be applied in my room to help students succeed. Three of the most common educational theories used in classroom over the last handful of decades are behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism. Newer theories have also developed, and are at various levels of adoption now in classrooms. For my paper I chose to look at one of the oldest, behaviorism, because many of the teachers who are in school now were raised and trained with that style. Behaviorism is based on the idea by setting up a controlled learning situation and adding positive and negative rewards for certain behaviors, one can ensure learning (Watson, 1913). Much of what I read showed me that it fell out of fashion as a learning theory because it never truly sought to discover how students learned, but rather how to create conditions conducive to learning. My conclusion was that these conditions could be used in conjunction with more modern theories to provide students with the best learning environment possible. I feel that the study I’ve done of various learning theories and how they can be applied is highlighted in this paper, has given me the background knowledge to be able to create instruction that is geared toward the needs of my students, and adds to my qualification to be approved for my degree.

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