Livability Unit Pre-Survey e-Book – EdTech 541

The eBook that I created as a tool to be used before my students conducted a survey for our Livability Unit is what I’ve chosen for this standard.  The pre-survey eBook that I created for EdTech 541 shows my mastery for this specific standard.  Rather than simply handing the students a piece of paper, this ebook of instructions is available to them anywhere.  They often lose paper.  All of the instructions for the Livability Unit we did for geography class were put on a classroom website, with links to this eBook being included.  I knew that both teachers and students could potentially be using these instructions, and I wanted it to be something a little more engaging than your average handout.  Part of the lesson was also for students to create an eBook as part of the survey they’d be administering.  Part of the message they were to receive for this was the ability to create their own ebook later in the unit.  By allowing them to physically manipulate (in a virtual sense) an example of what they’d be creating, students were able to see as well as “touch” the instructions.

Myebook - Thematic Unit: Geographic Livability - click here to open my ebook

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