Livability WebQuest Rubric – EdTech 502

I created two rubrics for the Livability Webquest that was assigned in EdTech 502. Students could have completed the assignment with a pictorama or synthesis paper. In either case they were provided with a rubric to self-evaluate during the creation of their item. The same rubric was also used for grading by a peer group and the teacher. I worried that the students who peer reviewed the products would not follow the guidelines of the scoring because they didn’t want to be hard on classmates, and in some cases that was true. But as some research has found, in most cases peers do a reliable job of rating fellow students with the use of a rubric (Hafner & Hafner, 2003). I really wasn’t relying on the students to do the grading for me though. The main purpose was for them to be able to see what standard they should be aiming for depending on what grade they wanted to get. Also, I felt the peer review process provided students with a chance to critically evaluate another’s work with the hopes of improving the ability to assess their own. By providing them with a rubric, I met the standard for providing criterion-based measurement of student mastery of content.

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