Peer Review Screencast – EdTech 543

The Peer Review Screencast for EdTech 543 gave me the chance to go through what my students have. We had created a MOOC for the main course project, and were then supposed to share it with a classmate for evaluation based on a rubric provided to us before we began the project. There have been many times I’ve had students in my classes evaluate each other based on a rubric, and then wondered how they could have given such a high score. They always tell me they feel bad giving a low score, or are afraid others will give a bad grade if they do. When I did the peer review of the MOOC, I have to admit I felt a little bit apprehensive about being totally honest in the video. But I got over it, knowing that the whole thing is only valid if we’re able to be truthful in a constructive way. The unit I reviewed had some trouble with the use of folders in Edmodo. My classmate had trouble making the folders for her three units, and when I went to the site could not access her documents. I told her about it and she still wasn’t able to get it done correctly. I understand that sometimes we just can’t figure out how to do some things, but I had to grade her down on that section of the rubric because if students had tried to access that it would have posed a problem for them. I thought the activity was great when done as a screencast. When that technology becomes available at my school for the students, I will definitely be doing it. Having provided two examples of using rubrics to gauge content mastery, from both sides of the equation, shows my completion of the standard.

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