Google Drive for Teachers Presentation – EdTech 513

In EdTech 513, I chose to create a Google Drive for Teachers presentation for an assignment that required us to provide instruction visually, absent audio content.  We’d been studying principles of good multimedia design, and I learned that many of the things I’d been doing with powerpoints and web pages was counterintuitive.  Since I had so many color choices, animations, and other tools available to me, I felt like I should use them to make the presentation or page more interesting.  I learned, however, that these things often cause cognitive overload.  By adding too much text, even interesting facts that might seem to make the material more engaging, people tended to remember less.  The same was true for graphics that weren’t related directly to the specific information on the slide (Mayer, Heiser, & Lonn, 2001).  After reevaluating what I wanted to communicate in the slide presentation, I changed my style of delivery.  Slide backgrounds are simple.  Transitions or animations only occur when necessary to aid in blocking the presentation of steps in a process.  There are no graphics or images that don’t relate directly to the information on the slide.  There are not ‘interesting’ video clips or cute pictures added to the slide.  At the end of the presentation I included a slide to tell the learner exactly what they had just covered, and then gave them a quiz to assess what they’d learned.  This allowed them to go back to any slides where understanding proved insufficient.  This class changed the way I’ll do presentations and videos from now on.  I wish I’d taken it earlier in my degree program.  I feel confident now that my multimedia products will be focused in their delivery and more effective in ensuring learning transfer.