Icebreaker Activity Synchronous Evaluation Tool – EdTech 523

My Synchronous Evaluation Checklist of an online lesson for EdTech 523 is the artifact I’ve chosen for this standard.  We all submitted icebreakers that we could use at the beginning of an online course to help develop a sense of community.  We were given a rubric that evaluated the classmate’s activity on eight criteria.  The formative evaluation was based on our ranking of criteria of Not Observed, Basic, or Proficient.  If too many of the categories were marked as Not Observed, then the project would be given a failing grade. Scores of Basic would show that some of the elements were in place, but not developed enough to be considered challenging or beyond rudimentary.  Only those that received consistent marks of Proficient should be seen as highly developed and not in need of further adjustment.  Depending on what ratings one was given, they should know which areas of the assignment needed to be addressed.

I feel that summative evaluation was completed at the same time by providing comments in each appropriate box (those comments could be seen as formative as well).  By reading the comments, a reviewer could judge whether or not the icebreaker activity was developed enough or suitable for a specific online course.  The criticisms could provide an instructor with information they’d need to decide if it was something they wanted to use or not.