Technology Usage Plan – EdTech 501

The Technology Usage Plan for EdTech 501 is the artifact I’ve chosen for this standard. This was created by myself, Glynda Pflieger, and Nancy O’Sullivan. In it we analyzed why we felt a need for a technology plan, the vision for our students and institution, and the specific process we’d use to develop the plan. Building a team to help formulate the plan meant we’d need to involve people from various sections of the staff, and some strategic members of the community who could help us meet our goals. That team would then assess the equipment and training needs of our staff, building, and students. Once the needs are clearer, we would set forth objectives and a timeline to that guided their completion. The plan also calls for the team to come up with some benchmarks that will gauge the success for all parts of the plan. I think it is a very comprehensive plan. By representation from staff at various levels, we wanted to achieve consensus that everyone in the building could support. The plan would surely be considered long range. Just forming the committee could take weeks knowing the staff in my building. One of the major drawbacks I see with creating a technology plan is the speed of technology evolution. If we had started to implement this plan at my school four years ago, many of the hardware and connectivity requirements could have been outdated by now. However, almost anything would have been an improvement. Despite the constant changes, I do feel like this plan solidly meets the standard for strategic long-range planning.