Livability WebQuest – EdTech 502

For EdTech 502 I created a webquest that had students answering the question, “What Makes a Place Livable?”.  In it, careful planning was done to make sure that even a student, or teacher, who had no previous experience with the idea of livability could follow the sequencing to complete the instruction.  Even if someone had never been exposed to the idea of a learning theme, the website had planned instruction for that as well.  Each step in the process built on the previous step, and students had a core group that they worked within that could provide feedback along the way.  I realized fairly quickly in my master’s program that having someone else to bounce ideas off and check for understanding can really make a difference in my confidence level with a project, so I decided to build that into this project as well.  It also required students to get their work peer reviewed for feedback prior to completion.  Again, this allows for mistakes to be corrected before grading, and increases the chances that the final product is of high quality.  A rubric was created that made it simple for students to know exactly what was expected of them.  The thought put into the sequencing of instructional events creates a situation where students have a much better chance of success.