Adopted Digital Storytelling – EdTech 513

The Digital Storytelling video for EdTech 513 was probably one of the most fun assignments I got to work on during my master’s program. The purpose of the assignment was to develop the skill to be able to deliver a message using visual media. This meets substandard 2.2 perfectly. I’ve been doing this on some level since I started the program, using both Jing from Techsmith and Screencast O’matic for creating instructional videos that I can send to staff, parents, and students. But for this assignment we were told it was okay to make the content a little more personal. I chose to use Windows Live Movie Maker to create a video, using still photography, music, and the spoken word to tell the story of my wife and I, and our journey towards adopting two siblings from Africa. Because of the subject matter the assignment was fun to do, but creating videos in the classroom also serves an educational purpose. I teach in a school that has a sizeable minority population. Some research has found that using digital storytelling as part of project based learning can help students to find a voice to help express themselves that might not be available to them through traditional means. The use of pictures and audio to express learning can show a deep understanding of concepts that have been presented (Condy, Chigano, Gachago, Ivala, & Chigano, 2012). Digital storytelling puts the focus on the student’s ability to show what they know, and I believe I showed through my adoption story that I have mastery of the ability to create a digital story.