Podcasting for Education – EdTech 513

In EdTech 513 we created an educational podcast.  The purpose of this assignment was to show that we could convey a message with educational content through non-traditional means.  When teaching online, creating podcasts are an essential way to deliver information asynchronously.  But even as a brick and mortar classroom teacher I can find uses for podcasting.  Students who miss class need to find out what they missed, and it’s a great way to do that without having to take time away from instructing the rest of the class.  By having a podcast of lectures or project instructions available on my class website, any student or parent can get classroom information no matter their location.   For my assignment I chose to interview two educators who had taught in traditional and then online schools.   When I started my degree program it was with the intention of someday teaching online, so I thought that for myself, and others with the same plan, this might be a topic worth hearing about.  I used an iPod to record both interviews, then Audacity to mix and edit everything.  Music can be a great way to make a podcast sound more professional, but you have to make sure it has the proper copyright permissions.  I found various sites that had music to suit my needs and cited them accordingly.  From the teachers I learned that both preferred the physical classroom to virtual.  It has given me pause about choosing to teach online.  Despite that, it confirmed for me how useful a tool podcasting can be to deliver a message.  This student centered approach can be a very effective way to provide students with a summary of content that they can go back and review at their convenience, putting the learning experience firmly in their control (Van Zanten, Somogyi, & Curro, 2012).  On my class website, I can see a rise in pageviews for both audio and visual review materials the night before a quiz or test, proving to me that students find them useful.  My podcast example exhibits the standard of producing and delivering material using computer resources.