Curation – EdTech 523

Geography of North America Resource Curation

The Curation Assignment for EdTech 523 was another situation where this master’s program has given me hands-on tools that I can use in my classroom immediately.  For the project we were to curate a topic of our choosing that could be used in an educational setting.  I had never heard of digital curation before this.  I found out that it is a vital form of manage online resources in a way that adds value to the original material for the benefit of the user (Kuna & Anderson-Wilk, 2011).  Before this, I had organized a series of links for my students to follow in researching a topic.  Curation goes well beyond that.  The first unit I teach each year is an ode to geography, which in its entirety has been cut from our curriculum.  The study of North America is also mostly nonexistent from Social Studies in the middle school level in my district.  A curation assignment seemed to be a great way for me to offer many resources about the geography of North America to my students.  I collected information about 25 digital resources, created a summary for each, and at times added links to other related content.  Then I put the choices in the hands of the students.  They needed to pick only ten of the links to follow and tell me about.  This allows them to choose the topics that interest them, and hopefully raises their engagement level.  Students could choose to listen to audio, watch video, visit a pinterest collection, or read articles, just to name a few.  This assignment choice was an easy one for me to make to show my mastery of the integrated technologies substandard.